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Conveyor transfers redirect product 90 degrees to an adjoining live roller conveyor. Transfers are used to save space and accommodate multiple product paths, enabling your material handling process to be as dynamic as it needs to be.

Tuff Automation's conveyor transfers are designed, built, and integrated to solve your unique material handling problems. Our transfers can be placed anywhere on a conveyor line, and they can be customized to best suit your product and operation. We make timing belt and chain transfers for any application, as well as any of the following varieties of transfers:

  • Belt transfers
  • Chain transfers
  • Pop-up transfers
  • Pneumatic chain transfers
  • Pneumatic timing belt transfers
  • Hydraulic extending transfers

You can see some of our custom-made conveyor transfers in motion here on YouTube.

We know your material handling processes are unique. If you think a transfer is the right option for your operation, Contact us. We can customize one to meet your exact needs.